Mayven Missbehavin

Co-Founder of Burlesque Backstage

Locally based but internationally traveled burlesque performer, meet Mayven Missbehavin. Her extensive resume includes; trained circus performer, dancer, singer, actress and more! She has mastered incorporating her variety of talents into her many performances all while giving the audience a great and deliciously unforgettable, strip tease!

Always ready to bring excitement to the stage with her wit and charm.
Nominated for many awards, and voted 2018 and 2019 Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, Best Burlesque.

Mayven loves to stay busy and in addition to her full schedule of performing and traveling, she still finds the time to share her knowledge and love of the business by mentoring up and coming burlesque performers, training new acts, and creating shows.

Producing 100’s of shows, performing all over, and now, a podcast! She’s excited to share the world of burlesque with the world. ??

Nathan Daugherty

Co-Founder of Burlesque Backstage

Nathan is a native of Clearwater, Florida and has been working in the entertainment business for 15 years! He has produced many concerts, musicals, plays, burlesque shows, and so much more! 

In the Burlesque world is often a co-producer for Exquisite Entertainers’ live band burlesque shows! He is the owner and director of the BurlyBandits, a full burlesque show band based in Tampa Bay.

With Burlesque Backstage, Nathan is the main web designer, video producer, and live stream director. He has over 10 years of video production experience for major brands all over the United States. 

An avid theatre-goer and performer, Nathan travels all over the country to see some of the best musicals and concerts produced by large and small scale companies. He has been in over 25 musicals as leading roles and spends a good amount of time as a musical director.

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